Obscure U.S. Driving Laws that Everyone Should Know About

Driving can be a relaxing activity for some of us. Feeling the wind in your hair, hearing the music playing through the speakers, and seeing the long road ahead of you can help clear your head. But driving is more than some mindless activity. You have to be alert at all times about the cars around you, the traffic lights, and the people crossing the road. In truth, it’s one of the most challenging tasks that require multitasking.

Yes you can find some comfort and reassurance in having insurance and a car accident attorney you can call. But it would be better if you’re on high alert of the act of driving. It would also be better if you’re fully aware of the various laws you have to follow. What’s odd, though, is that there are some obscure driving laws in the U.S. that you have to follow. So it’s best to be aware of such violations, no matter how bizarre they are.

Hugging Someone While Driving in Washington

You can understand that it’s not advisable to hug someone while they’re driving. It can distract the driver. The worst-case scenario is that it could lead to an accident. But you wouldn’t think that it’s illegal. Well, in Washington, it is. And it’s been part of the law for about 90 years. We understand that it can easily be part of the distracted driving laws to protect the drivers and the people in the streets. But making hugging illegal seems a bit extreme.

Honking at Certain Places After 9 P.M. in Arkansas

Upon hearing about this law, you might think that it’s understandable. Honking after 9:00 P.M. in suburban areas makes sense. There are people there who are trying to sleep. But that’s not exactly the case. Their law states that honking near sandwich shops or where cold drinks are served is illegal when the clock strikes nine o’clock. Surprisingly, though, there is a sound explanation for this. The law came to be in 1938 because the state government wanted to penalize drivers who would honk in sandwich places as they waited for their orders.

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Women Driving While Wearing Bathrobes in California

Driving while wearing a bathrobe is odd. It makes you think, how could someone even do that? Were they in so much a hurry that they weren’t able to take two minutes to wear proper clothes? But it seems that it happened in California, enough that the state government had to ban it. But what’s troubling, though, is that they only banned it for women. Technically, men can drive while wearing a bathrobe without violating the law.

Leaving Trash in your Car in South Carolina

You already know that leaving trash, especially food waste, in your car is a bad idea. It can leave a terrible odor. It can also attract ants and rats. But you probably didn’t know that, in South Carolina, it’s against the law to leave trash in your car. The local government felt the need to point this out specifically because they were concerned about a rat infestation. According to their law, anyone who violates this rule would be considered a public nuisance.

Driving Without a Steering Wheel in Illinois

As far as obscure driving laws go, this one takes the cake. It’s literally impossible to drive a car without a steering wheel. But the local government in Illinois still felt the need to make sure that no one does this. This may be a measure to ensure that drivers would always be on high alert when their driving. It makes sure that their hands are always on the steering wheel. But banning the act of driving without the wheel is impossible.

Parking at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Maine

This law raises questions. Why would the government ban people from parking at a Dunkin’ Donuts? It seems that Dunkin’ Donuts should have filed a complaint because this could deeply affect their business. And yet, the law is still in place. But, upon trying to understand this, it seems that the government is simply using a Dunkin’ Donuts branch as a reference point for the parking zones on a specific street. But the law still sounds very confusing and even amusing.

These laws may cause a laugh. They seem so odd that it’s a wonder if people follow them. As a responsible driver, it’s still better to know about these laws and be cautious of our actions. At the end of the day, the best way to stay on the good side of the law is never to violate it.


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