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Home Invasion: How to Effectively Protect Your Home

If you’ve watched various thrillers, home invasions are one of the most common premises for a lot of these movies; and for a good reason. Waking up in the wee hours of the night and realising that there’s an “uninvited” guest in the same house are you are the stuff of nightmares. Of course, no one wants to experience this.

But contrary to what we usually see in movies and the news, most home invasions are traditionally burglaries in nature. However, there might be some form of violent scuffles, mostly when those breaking in are left with no other choice.

In Australian households, 2.4% of the country’s households report incidents of home invasions. Only 77% of these households were able to report the incident to the authorities. Around 73% of these households also reported a variety of different properties being stolen.

Even though 2.4% might seem like a small number, it’s essential to keep in mind that millions of households are in the country. Thus, it’s only vital that we take precautionary measures.

No matter where you are in the world, home invasions are known for being among the most harrowing experiences for many individuals. Our homes are usually the place where we can be the most comfortable and secure. When someone breaks into our house, our sense of security is put to the test. Thus, it’s only logical that we have to protect our home.

Preventive Measures

Home invasions can happen at any given moment. It might not be now, but in the future, it can happen. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that you take necessary action with some preventive measures.

Preventing an emergency from happening is better than having to wait for something terrible to happen.

So what are some ways of averting home invasions? Or, if a home invasion is in-progress, what are some necessary procedures that you should do?

Security Equipment

Firstly, security cameras, alarms, and locks are essential in preventing any home invasions. If you have valuable items stored at home, placing them on a safe is a must. From a legal standpoint, footage from security cameras can also serve as evidence for any known crimes committed.

It’s important to note that most thieves will scout your area before invading your home. Contrary to what most people think, break-ins and home invasions usually happen in the middle of the day, around 10 AM to 3 PM. The reason behind this is that most people will be out and about, especially for work. It’s easier for most thieves to break into your home when no one is around instead of sleeping.

Calling For Help

Of course, if an intruder breaks in into your home, your top priority is notifying authorities of your situation. You must let them know the full extent of the problem. Is someone armed and dangerous?

But first, your safety is the top concern. You’ll need to get into a reasonable distance or an area considered safe before contacting authorities.

Defending Yourself

Although most individuals who do break inside your house will intend to steal property, some individuals have more malicious intent. When all else fails, and you now fear your life, defending yourself should be the last known action. Self-defence equipment can come in many forms. Most household objects, such as knives and baseball bats, can be used as weapons. Some weapons are explicitly designed for self-defence, such as firearms and pepper sprays.

It’s important to note that if these burglars are trying to vacate the area without any intention of harming anyone, lethal force should only be used when someone’s life is in danger.

Taking Legal Action

Lawyer at his office

Although you might be prepared for a home invasion, you will have to partake in legal action against those who have broken into your home. Usually, recordings from your security cameras can be good sources of evidence.

If ever you are forced to defend yourself, and the other party has inflicted wounds on you, it’s essential to consult personal accident lawyers regarding your situation. Having a knowledgeable professional can help expedite the legal process while increasing the chance of winning your legal case.

Overall, preventing a home invasion is more than just hooking up a security system to your home or calling authorities. Discerning the early signs of a home invasion can help stop any crime that might happen to you or your family.

One of the best ways of ensuring your home’s safety is with an alarm system, especially silent alarm systems that can warn authorities without the assailants knowing. Still, it’s essential to be vigilant, even if you’re in a relatively peaceful neighbourhood.

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