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Signs That You Need an Employment Lawyer

Who do you call when you get into a car accident? Your family, yes, but the next call should be to a lawyer. You want to know on what legal grounds you can be held liable for an accident, right? It’s the same thing when you’re facing a legal dispute at work. You have to be educated about your legal options. Do you settle? Do you file a lawsuit? While the internet is a treasure trove of information about anything, it doesn’t give you the right advice on when and how to seek labor justice. You need a lawyer for that.

You can find legal solicitors by asking for recommendations from friends and family. Check out state or local bar associations for a list of lawyers accredited in your area. There are also private referral services, local legal clinics, and non-profit organizations. These groups will provide you with a list of labor lawyers, or offer to take on your case for a low cost or free of charge.

But how do you know that you need to lawyer up? How do you make sure your rights are protected? What can a labor lawyer offer you?

You’re Trying to Beat a Deadline

Some people prefer to file the lawsuit themselves. While that’s generally okay, nothing beats having legal representation. There are too many things going on in employment laws for non-legal minds to weigh in on. There are requirements prior to filing a suit and various other paperwork. You could miss the deadline for filing these documents, so you may want to speak with a lawyer if you plan to go ahead with your lawsuit.

You Are Not Being Taken Seriously

Some employers don’t take threats of a lawsuit seriously unless there’s legal representation. You want to get the company’s attention. You want the bosses to take notice of your complaints. The only way to do that is to ask a lawyer to draw up the paperwork, file the lawsuit in the proper courts, and send a notice to your employers. They will surely take notice of your concerns and demands.

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Your Employer Is Threatening to Sue You

Why is the employer threatening to sue you? Did you break any laws? Did you breach a contract? Was there a term in the contract you failed to comply with? You don’t know exactly why and that’s also the reason to call a lawyer right now. You will be given a certain period to answer the allegations being made against you. That does not mean a well-written letter explaining your side of the story. If there’s a legal threat, you need a lawyer to respond lawfully. This is the only way your response can’t be used against you.

You Need to Sign Agreements and Contracts

Are you being asked to sign agreements? Are there terms in it that you’re not comfortable with? It’s okay to call a lawyer and have that lawyer review the contract. It is better to make sure that you’re not getting into something that’ll be problematic in the future.

It’s intimidating at times to consult a lawyer. The internet also made people feel like they can do anything without help from professionals. Legal issues, however, need legal representations. There’s no getting around that fact.

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