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Legal assistance when moving home

Moving home, whether it be selling your property, buying property or both, can be overwhelming and a legal minefield. This is where having the support from conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth comes in. With expertise within the different areas of property, combined with knowledge of the legal requirements and the jargon to match, having support helps ensure that all the right boxes are ticked and efficiently dealt with.

Purchasing a property

Whether purchasing your first property or your twentieth, your solicitor can assist. From the drafting up of contracts, which can often include repairs that need to be resolved before the completion date, or the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the fixtures and fittings, your legal team can guide you and help you dot the i’s. The eventual exchange of draft contracts is a momentous experience, as it officially gets the ball rolling and signifies a step towards the purchase of the new home or property.

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Now whilst the draft contract is highly important, a conveyancing solicitor tackles multiple tasks that may not have previously been thought of. From local environmental impacts, to land registry searches and more. Having a knowledgeable and experienced solicitor can help guide you through the process and ensure that you know who to contact, what to look out for and how to collate all the necessary information.

Although it may all sound simple, understanding the processes and legal jargon to support you is not something learnt overnight and therefore using the knowledge of a solicitor with both experience and expertise is essential.

If the sale is to go forward then, as the end approaches, a final set of contracts will be created by your solicitor which will include everything agreed by both parties involved. With the contracts signed, the balance of payment finalised and the keys handed over, the sale is complete and the property is yours.

Selling your home

Putting your home on the market still requires the assistance of a conveyancing solicitor, but their tasks are different. The first step taken is to collate all the necessary documents that need to be dealt with before the sale can begin. From a questionnaire on different aspects of the property to queries on any disputes or complaints that may be present, your legal team will help navigate you through the sea of paperwork and begin drawing up a draft contract to be given to the buyer.

The process from start to finish requires a lot of movement back and forth between both parties involved and therefore having patience during this time is key. Having a representative support you through this process and take care of the communication in between, can alleviate some of the stress and potential burden of the legal tick boxes. Whilst you will always be kept in the loop, the team is there to take on some of the processes, but always with a final check-in with you.

As all the process begins to draw to an end, once again a final contract will be drawn up. Once signed and payment exchanged the process will be complete.

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