Navigating the Legal System Why It Pays to Know the Law

How often do you find yourself in need of legal assistance? Knowing the ins and outs of different jurisdictions and legal systems is crucial. Given the complexity of the law, to know the law, how it works, what to do, and what to avoid, you need a lawyer. Lawyers have been practicing their entire professional careers and have a wealth of knowledge on legal matters.

Hiring a lawyer is not cheap, let alone finding a good one. But, think long-term: from the preparation, court appearances, proper filing and presentation of paperwork, avoiding fines and penalties while exploiting loopholes. There’s also the difficult task of negotiating terms and guaranteeing quick, satisfactory results. Hiring a lawyer saves you time, expenses, and emotional stress. Let’s look at a few everyday situations where hiring professional legal services can be of benefit.

1. Right to Get a Lawyer and Post Bail (If Bailable)

No one wants to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. But what do you do when charged with a criminal offense and arrested? Most would panic, and rightfully so. However, it pays to keep a cool head.

Do not resist arrest. Don’t try to talk yourself out of your predicament; you’ll only incriminate yourself, and it’s the last thing you want. Once you’re placed under arrest and booked, you’re legally entitled to make a phone call. Notify your lawyer if you already have one.

You have the right to an attorney. A criminal defense lawyer from the public defense system will be assigned to your case if you can’t afford a lawyer. Usually, you can post bail if you can pay the bail amount. Some criminal offenses, however, are more serious and don’t meet the requirements to post bail. Still, the judge can set an incredibly high bail amount for serious criminal offenses.

It’s perfectly normal to call a close family member, a friend, or a colleague to help you post bail. However, there’s a good reason to call your lawyer before posting bail. For one, your lawyer can negotiate a lower bail.

What happens if you can’t pay the entire bail amount? Consider bail bond agencies. Despite bail bonds being a suitable alternative, it’s not touch and go. You need a lawyer to act as a credible third party, process your paperwork quickly, and ensure you get a good and fair deal.

2. Immigration is Complicated

Navigating immigration law is tough. It should be reason enough to hire an immigration lawyer. There are plenty of situations where an immigration lawyer is invaluable. Consider how many times your immigration visa application was overstayed, denied, or subjected to issues of inadmissibility.

You might have a criminal past. As you’d expect, a criminal history significantly limits the chances of approval of your immigration visa. Also, you’ll not be able to receive certain immigration benefits. Fortunately, immigration lawyers know the law and how to bypass legal hurdles. They can improve your chances of approval by helping you sign waivers of inadmissibility.

Finding yourself in the immigration court system is not something to look forward to. But when facing deportation or removal proceedings, everything you’ve worked so hard for is at stake. You’ll need expert legal representation to navigate the immigration legal system, build a solid defense, and exploit loopholes to avoid deportation.

You may have a couple of immigration options. How do these options affect you, family, friends, and work? Since these decisions impact your immigration goals directly, you need sound legal advice. Visit your nearest immigration law office for information on all options available to you.

3. You Deserve Compensation

Accidents happen, and you could be the unlucky victim. Nonetheless, personal injuries take a toll on your health, work, finances, and the well-being of people closest to you. Often, someone else is the cause of your injury.

But, there’s good news. You have the legal right to hold the offender to account and seek compensation. Yet, personal injury law is as complex as laws come. One needs to know the law and see things from a legal standpoint.

True, you may be a victim, but can you prove it? Before you receive compensation, you must show the court and all parties involved that the offender was indeed the cause of your injury, pain, and financial and professional distress.

Personal injuries have different levels of severity. You may be hospitalized, suffer permanent body damage, and incur significant medical expenses. It’s thus difficult to file a personal injury lawsuit when you’re hospitalized, recovering, or physically incapable. The best solution is to hire a disability lawyer to help you source and gather all the resources needed to build a strong case.

Possibly, the offender has considered legal support, so hiring a personal injury lawyer is your best bet at being represented fairly and getting compensation. Apart from representing you in and out of court, your lawyer will negotiate favorable terms of compensation. You’ll also settle quickly and avoid long, arduous court proceedings.

4. You Have Rights and Responsibilities During an Accident

Motor accidents are frightening events. Being involved in an accident leaves you traumatized and disoriented, slowing down your reaction time. It’s therefore important to know the law to understand what to do in the aftermath of an accident, however minimal.

You are entitled to certain rights. You have the right to call the police. Once the police arrive at the scene, they’ll investigate, file a report, and give out citations to the offenders. You also have the right to seek treatment if you’ve sustained injuries from the accident.

Additionally, you should obtain relevant information from other drivers involved in the accident. If you have questions about insurance claims and who’s financially liable, you seek legal aid. Car accident lawyers have years of experience, know the law well, and will assist you accordingly.

Conversely, your local car accident attorney will confirm whether you fulfilled particular responsibilities required of any motorist involved in an accident. You could face criminal charges if you leave an accident scene before fulfilling these responsibilities.

Although different states have specific laws, these responsibilities hardly change. If your car is involved in an accident, don’t drive it away from the accident scene. Stop. Next, if you can, provide medical aid to the injured victim. Share and obtain relevant information from all affected drivers and also cooperate with the police. Finally, file a crash report.

5. You Need Protection as an Employee

Every day, there are an untold number of accidents inside and outside the workplace. Despite most organizations having set up a worker’s compensation scheme for their employees, you still need to know the law and how it affects employee rights and coverage. Whether sitting behind an office desk or working in the transport industry, you need assurance that you’re covered when an accident occurs. Employee protection policies are therefore vital to an organization’s interests.

Review your company’s employee protection policies and establish whether the company has an up-to-date worker’s compensation plan. If not, consult your employer and discuss options. Some jobs, like commercial transit, carry a higher risk of road accidents. Contact a commercial truck driver lawyer for legal assistance when setting up your worker’s compensation plan or filing a personal injury lawsuit.

You have the upper hand if you fully understand workplace laws. When you know your employer has your best interests at heart, you can concentrate on your work performance. You work better with fewer or no employee safety concerns.

6. You Must Protect Your Assets and Your Future

If you add up all the assets acquired from matrimonial wealth or your family business, chances are you have many assets! These assets, your future prosperity and that of your beneficiaries, are worth safeguarding. Nevertheless, taking too long to invest in a solid estate plan could have legal consequences.

Think of your estate plan as a comprehensive cover for all your assets. Certain events can affect you and the people closest to you. Marriage, divorce settlements, wills, trusts, and death are among the common life events that highlight the importance of having an estate plan.

An estate plan legally attests to your wishes and outlines how to distribute your assets, the respective beneficiaries, and any other conditions listed. An estate plan safeguards not only your interests but those of your beneficiaries as well. Your estate plan must be well drafted. Inconsistencies in the estate plan jeopardize your beneficiaries’ right to inherit your estate. Consequently, your family could be subjected to long and strenuous probate proceedings.

What’s more, it’s within the court’s right to allocate your estate as it deems fit. You want your estate to be distributed according to your last wishes, right? Considering the unpredictable nature of life, it pays to know the law and whether it will work in your favor or against it. Since estate law is just as complex, carefully weigh your options before choosing the right estate attorney. With your estate lawyer’s help, draft a complete and effective estate plan to preserve you and your beneficiaries’ well-being.

7. You Must Be a Better Driver

Improvements in road networks and rules and regulations globally have enhanced mobility and effective transit of people and services. Similarly, you need to be a good driver! Despite car manufacturers including driver assistance features in the latest car models, there’s an increase in the rate of DWI cases, car crashes, minor and major casualties, and fatalities.

Because drunk driving accidents cost states a lot of money and loss of lives and property, it’s easy to see why different states have reinforced their DWI laws. Fines, penalties, and convictions are harsher across the states. Hence, if you’re involved in a DWI situation, representing yourself is unwise; always work with experts who know the law.

In the long run, hiring a DWI attorney will be worth your time and money. First, DWI lawyers have a firm grasp of laws about DWI cases. Your DWI lawyer can negotiate for better terms, especially if you have a record of DWI charges.

Some DWI cases are so bad that the court may suspend or revoke your license! This legal action can have lasting consequences if you work in the transit industry. Thankfully, your DWI lawyer can help you get it back quickly.

8. Respect for the Law

It’s important to know how to address people in the legal system as this will get you closer to understanding how the law works. You can initiate effective interactions with legal professionals when you know the law, the various concepts, and terminologies. Knowledge of the law means you have a good understanding of your rights and when to exercise them. This legal knowledge and awareness will serve you well in conflict situations, mediation processes, contract terms, and during interactions with law personnel.

Respecting the law helps circumvent common pitfalls in the legal system. You’ll have a more objective view of the situation to help you make informed decisions. As much as no one wants to violate the law, it helps to know the legal principles governing different legal systems.

9. Make Accurate Financial Decisions

Now that you know the law and its guiding principles, let’s look at the critical matter of finances. Since legal services are costly, one needs to make sound financial decisions. First, hiring an incompetent lawyer to handle your case often has negative financial repercussions. You need a lawyer who can leverage your case to cut costs.

Legal proceedings can take ages and accrue expenses over time. You don’t want to drag your case any longer than it has to. Hiring a suitable lawyer can significantly shorten your case’s timeframe and save without jeopardizing a favorable outcome.

10. Build Your Communication Skills

To know the law, you need effective communication skills. Good lawyers understand the importance of effective communication on a legal issue. From court trials and family mediation processes to negotiating a favorable settlement outside court, communication is key to voicing the concerns of involved parties and finding quick, suitable results.

Although your lawyer will represent you for the best part of your case, you still benefit from a hands-on approach. For instance, you can physically attend court proceedings, negotiation, and settlement meetings. Here, you’ll have first-hand experience of the legal processes and ensure your concerns are addressed appropriately.

Laws have increasingly become complex. You could easily make mistakes, violate laws unintentionally, and be made to pay hefty fines, penalties, or convictions! Save yourself the trouble of navigating the legal system and seek professional legal services. You’ll know the law, what it constitutes, how it works, and how to ensure a suitable outcome should you end up in court.

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