Questions to Ask Divorce Lawyers During a Consultation

Looking for divorce lawyers is very much like divorce itself. It isn’t something any of us really want to do, but at some point, it may become essential. That is also why you need to ask your divorce lawyers a few questions during a consultation before hiring them.

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Divorce is never easy, and there can also be a lot at stake. This is why it matters who you choose to represent you in your divorce proceedings. It is also that very topic that the attached video discusses, including a few specific questions to ask your attorney before moving forward.

Does the attorney and firm you are considering work in family law, and if so, how much of their practice or workload involves family law cases? In other words, you don’t want an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases rather than divorce cases. You want an attorney with plenty of experience in the field you need them for. Other questions to consider include the experience the attorney has in family law, and how often they settle their cases versus those that go to trial. Asking questions like these and understanding who you are working with will go a long way, not only in helping with your divorce proceedings, but with the outcome as well.


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